Linn Dara School
Linn Dara CAMHS Inpatient Unit,
Cherry Orchard Hospital,
Dublin 10
Telephone: 076 695 6525
Fax: 01 437 0782

Our Crest

Symbols can convey powerful messages and we wanted to portray our core values within our school crest. The symbols in our crest are an open book, a cherry tree and united hands.

The open book is a symbol of learning and knowledge.  It represents the learning that we strive to provide for our pupils so that they may continue to learn and develop throughout their lives.  In a sense we envisage this to be lifelong learning.

The tree is a symbol of growth, regeneration and starting over.  It represents the importance of nature, the environment and education in our lives. It also symbolises our students and how they grow and develop maturity and character through education. It also represents the idea of a fresh start, not just once but many times in our lives.  We selected the cherry blossom tree due to our location in Cherry Orchard hospital. This magnificent tree bursts into flower ever year representing the potential for our students to blossom in their own lives.

The united hands are a symbol of friendship and support. They represent our supportive, close-knit school community that believes in empowering and supporting our pupils towards their full potential.