Linn Dara School
Linn Dara CAMHS Inpatient Unit,
Cherry Orchard Hospital,
Dublin 10
Telephone: 076 695 6525
Fax: 01 437 0782

The Story of our School

Linn Dara School was formerly known as Warrenstown House Special School, which was established in 1978. The in-patient unit was relocated to St. Loman’s Hospital, Palmerstown in 2012 and we were renamed Linn Dara School. However this was only a temporary move as we relocated the in-patient unit to our new school in Cherry Orchard Hospital in 2015.

In 2013 a new school was opened within Linn Dara Adolescent Day Programme (LADP), this modern purpose built school offers bright spacious classrooms, creating an excellent learning environment. Therefore, Linn Dara School, both the in-patient and the day programme are now permanently located in Cherry Orchard Hospital.

Linn Dara CAMHS Approved Centre School

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Approved Centre School