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On 25 November 2014 we took a trip to the very interesting Dublinia in the fair city of Dublin.

What is Dublinia I hear some of you ask? Dublinia is a museum next to Christ Church Cathedral in Dublin 8. It covers 3 floors; the first floor focuses on the Vikings in Dublin; the second floor concentrates on medieval Dublin and the final floor looks at how the past is discovered.

We set off at 10 am with our OT in the driving seat. Within 15 minutes we arrived. The enthusiastic young people were excited to get started straight away. They were divided into two groups and given a worksheet to focus on. Each room taught us new and unusual facts about Dublin in the past. Each room was interactive and we even got to dress up in period costumes. The young people found the bathroom routine of the Vikings the most interesting. The young people thoroughly enjoyed the museum; gave it 8/10 and mentioned that they would return.

Afterwards we sat down to a nice hot beverage and spoke to the lovely cafe assistant who knew all about the vikings. We will definitely return in the future.

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